Tuesday, February 20, 2018

February 20. Day 51. All is not lost

All Who Wander Are Not Lost. So said a sign that appeared near the bus stop at UQ some time since I was last there. It was one of a series which I suspect is an orientation thing encouraging new students to explore the campus. It's a great campus and a fine message which I suspect many, if not most students will ignore as soon as classes starts. One you know where the lecture theatres, refectory and watering hole is the wandering stops. I see a few students hanging down by the lakes but not many. All the more room for me, I say selfishly. I need to get back to mindless wandering because it is good for your mind. I also need to take the advice of one of the other recently installed signs.  "Take a minute, breathe and enjoy the surroundings." Words to live by which I will almost certainly not do,.You can take a girl to the lakes ....

Monday, February 19, 2018

February 19. Day 50. You have to laugh

I find that there is something uniquely demotivating about motivational sayings. Sure attitude counts for a lot  but a few words can not change the world as must as we might like them to. Still, there is some truth in some. Laughter is a good medicine. But take something like "Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life." I don't believe that for a second. I do believe that a job you love is a whole lot better than something that will destroy your soul but a job is still a job and work is still work. You still have to work hard to perfect the things you love. Attending a play briefing for the upcoming production of Queensland Theatre's The 39 Steps highlighted this for me tonight. The cast have clearly found the rehearsal process to be a laugh. There was a playfulness in the way they described how the rehearsal room worked. But it was also clear that to make the chaos that the audience will see on stage come together seamlessly will require a huge amount of hard work and precision. There's a huge reward in that which really only comes as a dividend for the hard work put in. That almost certainly won't make the cover of a motivational book but even if it did I wouldn't read it. Perhaps if they turned it into a play...

Sunday, February 18, 2018

February 18. Day 49. The Year of the Dog

Happy Chinese New Year.
The Queen Street Mall was today overflowing with our place in Asia.
I love that but it's just as well I'm not Chinese.
The Chinese astrological calendar has The Year of the Dog coming up only one year in 12.
In our house, every day of every year belongs to the dogs. Apparently there are five types of dogs - wood, fire, earth, gold and water.
The 2018 version of dogs are the earth kind.
The earth dogs are communicative, serious and responsible in work.
Rumple might fit that bill.
No-one would confuse Winkle with being serious.
On balance our dogs are wood dogs.
Wood dogs are sincere, reliable, considerate, understanding and patient.
Elvis Presley was a wood dog. Who would have thought. My guess would be more hound dog.
Chinese astrology has no hounds but the Chinese are the home of the shih tzu so they understand my dogs. So happy new year to you and yours.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

February 17. Day 48. Roses are red

This week has kind of sucked. It sucked because I wasn't at the beach. It sucked even more because Charles is at the Coast but will spend the fortnight in a convention centre playing bridge. It sucked because it was back to work right into the chaos of Orientation Week. It sucked because I started a diet and that makes one irritable. It sucked because the heat sapped the will to live. And on top of all of that it well and truly sucked because the sleep apnea splint I took possession of feels like something invented for a torture chamber. Let's force the jaw into an unnatural position and hold it there for hours. It really hurts. So there's a bit of feeling sorry for self going on. And then the package arrived. Twelve long stemmed red roses. There was no occasion, just because which is just the way I like it. Of course the roses won't cure any of the above but a little bit of colour in a dull week does make life feel better.

Friday, February 16, 2018

February 16. Day 47. Thunderbolts and lightening

The weather gods are refusing to keep their promises at the moment. It is a battle of attrition and the fair people of Brisbane and surrounds are losing because the weather gods are just not playing fair. You are supposed to pair oppressively hot humid days with afternoon storms. You are not supposed to send the light and sound show and not the accompanying cooling breeze and cleansing rain. I'm over it. Everyone is over it. We are getting hot and bothered and cranky and by we I mean me. It won't take much to break me. I reckon the next power bill will do it. Until that happens you will see me hiding out in the aircon. At least it delivers a cold blast when it's supposed to.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

February 15. Day 46. Dancing through life

Here we go again.
Another Orientation Week. Another group of students who look in equal measure excited and like deer caught in the head lights.
It's exciting stuff. It really is. The university tries to put on a good show for them but if I'm honest it felt less like a big warm hug today and more like a baptism of fire.
This heatwave thing is sapping everyone's energy.
Still in the best tradition of the performing arts, the show must go on and the more seasoned students tried to ignore the furnace and show the newbies what they have in store. Most of the students seemed more interested in the free snow cones. You can't really blame them for that.
By mid afternoon I hit the wall. You know the saying "No pain. No gain?" It had better be right. This week I took delivery of two things designed to make my life better. The first is Lite and Easy. The second is a Mandibular Advancement Splint designed to revolutionize my life by treating sleep apnea. Jaw discomfort is a side effect early on. Today I was in agony. I drugged myself to get to work. I couldn't open my mouth wide enough to eat much of the diet food. Then the pain killers wore off and the lack of food hit. I had to go home. Liquids, more drugs and a nap helped. As I told the students this morning. "This is new. It will take a bit of getting used to but you've got this." Time to take some of my own advice.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

February 14. Day 45.That's the look of love

Valentine's Day. The day we celebrate love. It's just as well love comes in many forms.
My husband is away at a bridge tournament on the Gold Coast. That's his thing. Everyone is entitled to their thing. I did my "thing" with some of the other important characters in my life.
For the dogs, it was their favourite treats cut into the shape of a heart. They loved the treats. I'm pretty sure the shape meant nothing.
For the lad it was a trip to the theatre, something we love to do together. Being in the opening night crowd is always special.
And for Margaret next door, my act of love was to take her to the doctor's for a skin cancer biopsy. The procedure went well until I noticed the trail of blood from the surgery to the car. Margaret's precious birds had to wait just a bit longer while the wound was redressed. She was incredibly grateful for the attention.
It's just as well I think Valentine's Day is a creation of the greeting card industry back  when people sent cards. There's no harm in playing along, but a big gesture once a year isn't what counts. It's how you treat people every day, right?